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 Master Class 1 (40h - $2500)  Semi Private (4h - $500)

 Master Class 2 (30h - $2000)  Bridal (4h - $500)

 Master Class 3 (30h - $1500)  Glamour (4h- $500)

 Private Workshop (3h 1on1 - $400)


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Michael’Angela Beauty Academy.

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*Terms and Agreements:

Upon registration of the chosen course, the 20% deposit of the total cost of the course is non refundable. Participant must

complete all the required hours in order to receive their completion diploma. If an emergency arises and participant cannot

attend a class they must inform the instructor as soon as possible and arrange to retake the missed class at the next scheduled

course date with a fee of 50$. Participent is only exempted from this missed class fee in the case of Medical Emergency or death of

an immediate family member (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister or child). Proof must be issued to instructor. I agree to have photos

and videos taken during the courses and used for promotional use of Michael’Angela Beauty Academy.